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Unsere Dienstleistungen

INSPECCO ist Ihr akkreditierter Dienstleister für Compliance-Dienstleistungen. Wir bieten weltweit Compliance-Services an, einschließlich der folgenden Servicekategorien:

Zertifizierung - Einschließlich Produktzertifizierung (dh CE-Kennzeichnung, TSE-Zertifizierung usw.), Systemzertifizierung (dh ISO 9001, ISO 14001 usw.) und Personalzertifizierung (dh Schweißerzertifizierungen einschließlich TS EN 287-1, TS EN ISO 9606- 2 usw.)
Inspektionen und Audits - Einschließlich Qualitätssicherungsdienstleistungen für Käufer / Händler, Produktbesitzer, Hersteller, Auftragnehmer und Versicherungsunternehmen
Schulung - Einschließlich Schulung für Auditoren, Inspektoren, Hersteller, Facharbeiter, Labors und mehr
Testen - Einschließlich Arbeitssicherheitsmessungen, Energieeffizienzmessungen, Messungen der elektrischen Sicherheit und Messungen / Berechnungen des CO2-Fußabdrucks

Unsere Zertifizierungs- und Inspektionsdienste stärken die Geschäftsbeziehungen und verbessern die internationalen Handelsfähigkeiten von Herstellern und Händlern. Mit den Messdiensten von INSPECCO können Hersteller aller Art Expertenanalysen technischer Parameter zur Qualitätsverbesserung erhalten. Unsere Schulungsdienste bieten Unternehmen jeder Größe das Wissen, das sie benötigen, um ihr Geschäft über optimierte Systeme für Management, Marketing, Fertigung und mehr auszubauen.

NSPECCO is a Nando Notified Body (Number 2459) for CE marking services under the following directives (no location restrictions):

  • 97/23/EC – Pressure Equipment  Directive
  • 2006/42/EC – Machinery Directive

As a Global Solution Partner of TSE (Nando Notified Body Number 1783), INSPECCO is also authorized for CE marking services under the following directives (only in Europe, China, and Taiwan):

  • 89/686/EEC – Personal Protective Equipment Directive
  • 2009/23/EC (ex-90/384/EEC) – Non-automatic Weighing İnstruments Directive
  • 2009/142/EC (ex-90/396/EEC) – Appliances Burning Gaseous Fuels Directive
  • 92/42/EEC – Hot-water Boilers Directive
  • 93/42/EEC – Medical Devices Directive
  • 95/16/EC – Lifts Directive
  • 98/79/EC – In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive
  • Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 – Construction Products Directive

INSPECCO is authorized by TSE to perform services under TSE product certification and inspection notifications/accreditations throughout Europe, China, and Taiwan

TSE is Turkey’s national (semi-governmental) standard-setting institution (est. 1960)

One of TSE’s responsibilities is to set standards, including certification and inspection standards that manufacturers/traders must comply with to import certain products into Turkey.

The most notable TSE-related services that INSPECCO performs outside of Turkey include TSE mark product certification and pre-shipment inspections, both of which international manufacturers/traders must comply with to import certain products into Turkey

TSE also aids in enforcing their standards via a team of inspectors, auditors, etc., including external teams (i.e. “TSE Global Solution Partners”), such as INSPECCO

What does certification involve & why might I want to become certified?

Becoming certified enables your customers, authorities and/or partners to see that your products, systems and/or personnel are in compliance with national and international standards and regulations. Becoming certified can expand your business capabilities and add a new level of trust between you and your business affiliates.

What types of certification services does INSPECCO offer & which one is applicable to me?

Our certification services are divided into three categories. Click on one of the categories to learn more :

  • Product Certification: If you are a manufacturer… you may be interested in our Product Certification services. The certification of your products involves proving that your product complies with certain standards and/or legislation required for the trade of your product.
  • System Certification: If you are a business owner or manager… you may be interested in our System Certification (also called “Management System Certification”) services. System Certification involves proving that a given Management System within your company complies with its associated standard (i.e. ISO 9001, etc.) — such compliance is often required for companies to gain the trust of their customers.
  • Personnel Certification: If you are a welder or welding contractor… you may be interested in our Personnel Certification services. We offer certification services for welding personnel, which involves proving that a welder can weld and/or prepare related documentation according to a given welding standard.

How can I apply or learn more?

If you need more detailed information than what is provided on our website, such as what you need to prepare to become certified, you contact one of our representatives via the contact form below or attend one of our certification-related training programs that fit your profile.

What Inspections & Audits do we offer?

In order to more easily find the inspections/audit that is right for you, we have our inspections and audits sorted by the five types of clients that we serve. Click on the role that defines you to learn about the inspections and audits that we can offer you:

Why might you want a quality control inspection and/or audit?

Whether you are a trader, product owner, producer, or contractor, our inspection and auditing services can help you assure that your services/products maintain high quality standards and abide to legal obligations throughout all your operational phases. More information about our inspection services can be found via the links below.

Where are inspections and audits performed?

We perform inspections and audits at factories, shipment locations, and other work sites throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Asian Pacific.

Why choose INSPECCO?

  • We offer high-quality services in fast time and at low prices
  • We offer custom solutions to suit your specific needs
  • We work across many industries
  • We provide services globally
  • We can help you enhance your entire supply chains
  • We work with the latest standards and technology
  • We have a culture of integrity

How can you learn more or book an inspection or audit?

You can quickly send us inquiries via the contact form.

Who do we offer training for?

We offer training for a large range of industry professionals, including manufacturers (including those in the food industry), laboratory technicians, welders, and more.

What training services do we offer?

Mainly, we specialize in training related to the compliance requirements, including compliance with quality management standards, environmental management standards, documentation standards, health and safety standards, laboratory testing standards, and more. Our full list of training services can be seen below.

Compliance and Industry Standards Training for Business Professionals with INSPECCO

Where are training courses offered?

Depending upon your needs, we can perform training courses either at your location or at one of our office locations.

Why choose INSPECCO?

Here at INSPECCO, we are experts in the compliance industry. We learned our training methods through years of practice and have experience working with clients around the world across many different industries.

We strive to share our knowledge with other industry professionals to increase their competitive advantage in their market niche and to help them comply with applicable standards and regulations.

Which testing services do we offer?

We specialize in testing services for compliance applications. This includes testing for both mandatory and obligatory compliance with safety standards, energy standards, environmental standards, and quality management standards.

More specifically, our testing services can be divided into the following categories:

  • Work Safety Testing — helps [non-electric] product owners and users ensure safe operation of their product and compliance with applicable safety standards
  • Energy Efficiency Testing — helps product owners and other industry professionals learn the energy efficiency of their product or working environment for assessing their compliance with applicable energy/environmental standards; testing the energy efficiency of a worksite can also help a company assess methods for improving the working environment’s energy efficiency
  • Electrical Safety Testing — helps electric product owners and users ensure safe operation of their product and compliance with applicable safety standards
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis — helps industry professionals learn the carbon footprint of their work site for environmental compliance applications
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) — helps welders, welding contractors, and owners of some products with metal (i.e. pressure vessels, boilers, etc.) ensure the compliance of related quality and safety standards

Where do we offer Testing Service?

Usually, these testing services require an on-site visit. However, if needed, we also offer laboratory testing (i.e. for Carbon Footprint Analysis).

For on-site visits and laboratory testing, we serve clients throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Why choose INSPECCO?

INSPECCO is accredited by TURKAK, Turkey’s national accreditation body, for the aforementioned testing services



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